Year Out at Purcell (2014-2015)

During my Year Out in practice I  had the amazing opportunity to
work on landmark projects such as Battersea Power Station and
Drapers’ Hall, as well as smaller scale but nonetheless interesting
and challenging ones such as Watford Museum and 40 Great James
The range of work that I undertook at Purcell varied from
heritage consultancy, including condition surveys for Battersea
Power Station alongside the Associate in charge of the project,
looking after the brickwork and heritage significant fabric repairs,
to developing masterplan investigations and feasibility studies.
I also had the chance to work closely with other professional figures such
as structural engineers and planners, to ensure we delivered great
proposals for our clients.
All of the drawings contained in this chapter have been produced
by myself following instruction by the Associate and/or Architect I
work with on behalf of ©Purcell, 2017. All photos taken on behalf of ©Purcell, 2017

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