Professional Studies (2017)

Submitted: January 2017. Grade achieved: Distinction.

For the complete document follow this link.

Group and Individual Work.

The Professional Studies module saw me working alongside 10 other students from different ateliers (as part of the fictional F6 Architecture practice). The variety of backgrounds meant that there was a wide breadth of opinions on what
the architectural profession indeed was, is and should become. This sparked some thought-provoking and engaging conversations which lead me to further enrich my essay topic.

The two individual essays were written from a Conservation Architecture perspective. The first one entitled “Planning Issues in Conservation Projects”, analysed the RIBA Plan of Work, in specific the Planning Stage and its flaws and
how could it be bettered to ensure a more successful development of conservation projects. Whilst the second essay entitled ‘The Future of the Conservation Architect’ looked at the role of the Conservation Architect today and how this is becoming increasingly important and influential and how it could change in the future and become part of the mainstream architectural education route. Both essays want to spark the debate on how the architectural profession should be developing and, given my personal interest in Conservation, this seemed an interesting angle to use to look at the issue.

Selected Bibliography.

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