MArch Dissertation (2016)

Submitted: April 2016. Grade achieved: Distinction.

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‘Re-evaluation of the Architecture built during the 1920-1940 period in Meran/o, South Tyrol, Italy.’

The aim of this dissertation is to analyse and discuss the development of local architecture in Meran/o, South Tyrol, Italy, during the Fascist occupation (1920-1940) and its role within the current debate on preservation of Fascist monuments across South Tyrol.

The case study of Il Municipio di Merano/ Das Rathaus Meran will be used to illustrate how the generally accepted perception that Fascism imposed itself in the South-Tyrolean cities through avert Italianisation and Roman iconography is much more ambiguous and controversial than normally considered, in regards to the town of Meran/o.

Writing my dissertation was one of the most thought-provoking and enjoyable tasks of my Master degree. Thanks to it, I managed to look at the Architecture built in my home town during the Fascist regime and critically appraise it without bias towards the current debate. I thoroughly investigated the issue through the use of archival material and primary sources and managed to make numerous discoveries in the process.

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Various Archival Material from ©Archivio di Merano/Meran Stadtarchiv.

All images taken by myself at the exhibition ‘Architectura 1920-1940 Meran/o’, by Walter Gadner and Magdalene Schimidt. Material obtained by ©Archivio Merano/Meran Stadtarchiv.