Making Post-War Manchester: Manchester Central Station Area

Collaborator: Adam Brennan, Richard Durber, Emma Naylor, Hina Shah and Uldis Vilcins. Submitted: February 2016. Grade achieved: Distinction.

Full video available here.

Exhibition Making Post-War Manchester at Oxford House, Manchester, UKView website here.

View Catalogue here.

Press: The Guardian. Manchester Evening News.

As part of a small team I worked towards the creation of a 3D game environment of one of the 1960s proposals for Manchester Central Station. Alongside this, we also extensively researched the history of the area and contributed to the creation of an interactive timeline on a dedicated website.

The two-weeks intensive workshop was an incredibly chalennging task, that saw the group having to become confident in utilising softwares such as Unreal4, which nobody had ever used before.

The workshop was further developed into a public exhibition, where people could learn about the history of Manchester as well as playing within those gaming environments.

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